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Getting Picked up as a Feature

Hiring freelance writers from around the world is the best way we take our site to the next level. It is one thing for our full-time writers to churn out news stories as and when they unfold, but it helps a great deal when we can hire writers from around the world to talk about the events that are taking place in their city or their country. Getting a personal look at the events unfolding before our eyes help our readers as they look to understand the world. Instead of taking a generic report with a few facts, our readers get an in-depth report about a particular event, which is the kind of informed work they are looking to consume.

For those who are serious about getting featured on our site, the best thing you can do is submit a writing sample about a news story that took place in the recent present. It does not matter if the news story is from your country or about a topic that you care about deeply. The important thing is presenting the story from an unbiased point of view, sharing a deep knowledge of the facts through your writing, and presenting our readers with something unique.

Too many potential writers go online, look up a few news stories, and regurgitate them in their words. If we wanted feature story writers who could copy other stories, we would get the job done us. We are looking for people who have a unique voice. We want writers who can present our readers with new information and angles about a story.

Contact our writing department and we can get started on the process of having you featured on our site – if your book impresses us. Our staffers do not have time to read a ton of potential pieces, which means you need to get your point across in one, concise article. It is the only way we can get a sense for your potential as a writer, along with your ability to provide our readers with in-depth news stories with a unique twist.