7 Helpful Tips for Comparing Credit Card Offers

Congratulations! You decided to get a new credit card. This might be your very first credit card. It also might be your seventh or eighth! Whatever number credit card this is for you, check out these seven tips for comparing credit card offers.

Your APR
The APR is perhaps the most important item you should look at when comparing credit cards. You want the lowest APR possible. If you have a high APR, you might be stuck paying thousands of extra dollars over the years.

Promotional APRs
Check to see which credit card offers a low promotional APR. If you are good at paying your credit cards off quickly, this can save you big bucks over the long run. However, make sure you check what the APR will be once the promotional APR expires.

Rewards Programs
Many different credit cards offer rewards. A rewards program might offer discounted plane tickets, discounts at certain stores, or cashback rewards you can use to help pay down your credit card balance. Find a credit card with a rewards program you know you will actually use.

Balance Transfers
See if any of the credit card offers you are examining have balance transfer offers. A great deal on balance transfers can help you save money on other credit cards you have. Make sure you check to see exactly what the APR will be for any balance transfers you think you might decide to utilize.

Customer Service
Give the customer service line a call on the credit card offers you are examining. Are the people on the other end of the line courteous, informed, and helpful? Is the phone center for your credit credit card local? Remember, you will be talking to these people if you ever run into a problem with your card. You will want to know ahead of time if it will be easy to deal with the people responsible for managing your credit card.

Card Design
People use credit cards now more than ever. Check to see if you can get a credit card that has a design you find pleasing. You might even be able to order a card with a custom image right on the card. If all other things between credit cards are equal, this might be a deal breaker.

Credit Card Polices
Check to see what the polices are for late payments, credit line increases, fraud protection, and more. You will want to know about these policies before you actually find yourself in a situation where you need to take advantage of them.

Don’t let yourself get stressed out when looking for the right credit card. Use the above tips to find the best credit card offer out there!

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