4 Benefits of Utilizing a Pre-Paid Cell Phone

Often overlooked, pre-paid cellphones have proven a mainstay in the cellular market. The reasons are clear: they offer relatively cheap and easy entrée to voice and data networks for savvy consumers who know their traffic and who desire a phone plan priced accordingly.

One of the biggest selling points of these phones remains the lack of a contract. These users know that paying more for a phone upfront means the happy trade-off of avoiding contracts altogether. Pre-paid phone consumers also avoid expensive activation fees and other charges while enjoying greater flexibility when it comes to using their monthly minutes. Unlike years past, minutes have grown cheaper and more available for purchase online and in stores.

Pre-paid phones are easy to acquire. One further advantage lies in that one can acquire a new phone with no credit check needed. Often blurred in the public imagination with “burner” phones used for a single time period and for illicit purposes, most pre-paid phone devotees are not would-be Walter Whites. Some may have poor credit, while others may simply prefer not going through the rigmarole of a credit check and its possible effects on a credit score. Moreover, these phones are found easily in grocery and convenience stores, high-end technology emporiums, and niche websites alike.

Phone numbers are increasingly portable as well. Ten years ago, it was more difficult to keep one’s phone number when changing carriers. Today, they have made it easier, particularly if one remains in the same area. Some numbers are not portable, but for many looking to slash their monthly bills, the ability to keep their present phone number makes pre-paid phones all the more attractive.

Finally, in addition to those wishing to save money on ever-higher phone bills, pre-paid phones still enjoy a natural constituency with the young and the elderly. For young users, these phone offers a useful way for parents to lock down their children’s time spent talking with their friends or how much internet they consume. The danger of a child unwittingly creating a large phone bill is all but eliminated. Meanwhile, while there are doubtless seniors who prefer advanced smartphones with the latest apps, many others simply want to be in contact with their loved ones via voice and text. These phones meet the needs of each.

Flexibility and accessibility make the pre-paid phone a worthy choice for those who do not require bleeding-edge smartphones but rather a good, reliable phone that gets the job done on a budget.

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