6 Activities for Incorporating Christian Faith in Classroom Activities

If you teach in a faith-based school, you might be looking for ways to incorporate Christianity into your classes. There are a lot of different ways of doing this; these are a few tips that you can try.

1. Have Classroom Prayers Regularly

First of all, you can have classroom prayers regularly. You might choose to pray with the students first thing in the morning, for example, before the day begins. You might also choose to pray before snack time or lunch and at other times throughout the day.

2. Incorporate Scripture

Incorporating scripture into your lessons can be helpful in providing an education on the Christian faith. Consider sharing your favorite verses at appropriate times, when they are related to what you are teaching or what your students are talking about. Also, give your students a chance to share their own favorite scriptures at certain times throughout the school day.

3. Use Religious Teaching Materials

There are a lot of instructional materials out there that are designed to teach your students the curriculum in a faith-based way. You can choose to use these types of materials for some or all of your lessons. Along with buying these types of materials, you can also find worksheets and other materials for free online.

4. Tell Biblical Stories

During story time, there is nothing wrong with mixing things up and telling different types of stories. However, it can be a good thing to focus on biblical stories during story time, at least sometimes. Consider telling stories such as the story about Noah and the Ark. There are a lot of faith-based children’s books that you can use during story time as well.

5. Give Faith-Based Rewards

When handing out rewards to students, instead of giving out candy, you can give out individual bible verses, small bibles, biblical bookmarks, trinkets with bible verses printed on them and more. You can find many of these items for reasonable prices online, especially if you buy them in bulk, or you can check out your local bible store to see what type of selection is available.

6. Schedule Bible Reading Time

During the day, it can be a good idea to schedule a quiet time for the classroom so that students can read their bibles. You might choose to assign verses for students to read, or you can allow them a bit of free reading time so that they can read the verses that they choose.

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can incorporate the Christian faith into your classroom. If you try one or all of these tips, you can help educate your students about the Christian faith.

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