5 Signs its Time to Switch to LED Lights

LED light bulbs have been available to consumers for several years as an efficient way to light up interior spaces and decorate the outdoors. LED bulbs are known for their high level of energy efficiency and for their bright light and wide range of colors. If you have not yet made the switch to LED lights, consider these five signs that now is the time to make your move.

Your Bulbs Frequently Burn Out
Incandescent bulbs may only last for a few months in some types of fixtures. If you have a fixture that is located up high or otherwise difficult to put in a new bulb, LED bulbs are a great choice. They last for a long time, meaning that you will not have to be climbing up a ladder every couple of months to put in a replacement light bulb.

The Electricity Bill Keeps Going Up
If you have noticed an increase in your electricity bill, it could be from your old, inefficient light bulbs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, making the switch to LED light bulbs could lower the cost of lighting your home by 75 percent. This could result in a significant savings over the lifetime of a single light bulb.

Fixtures Are Overheating
When your lamp shade, chandelier and other fixtures are overheating from using incandescent light bulbs, it is time to switch to LED bulbs. LED light bulbs do not emit any heat. This allows them to be used in enclosed fixtures such as a glass globe or in a ceiling fan. Since they do not emit heat, they will not cause your home to get too hot in the summertime.

You Need Better Task Lighting
LED light bulbs emit light in one direction. This makes them ideal for use in task lighting. They are also great in recessed lighting fixtures. The light can be aimed at your work so that you can see better while reading, chopping onions or working on your beading project. All of the light emitted by the LED bulb will be directed where you want it to be.

You Need More Design Options
According to the Energy Star website, there are many more design and color options with LED light bulbs compared to other types of light bulbs. With an LED, you can install a small wall light or a night light that glows blue at night so that it does not jar you awake. You can also select LED bulbs that fit into specialty lamps, chandeliers and other household items. Colored LEDs offer spectacular decorative options for the inside and outside of your home, and they are often used as holiday decorations because of their brightness.

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