9 Ideas for Decorating a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter is not your typical season for a wedding, but that is sometimes precisely the reason why couples may choose it. Winter weddings can be whimsical and are often cozy, providing warmth, friendship, and family during a time when it can be cold and bleak outside. A wedding during the winter calls for a new approach to decorating. Here are 9 fresh ideas for decorating a winter wedding wonderland.

1. Wedding Invitations
The first impression that guest will get of the wedding is the official invitation, which they might get months before winter actually sets in. Use thick snow-white paper with accents of eggplant, forest green, and berry red, which are very trendy for winter, tucked into gentle chocolate envelopes.

2. Choose a suitable color palette.
Entirely up to the couple, who might choose something unconventional to go against the norm, most couples choose color themes that go along with winter feelings. These might be neutral, cool, and soft color themes with lots of white, blue, metallic silver and gold, and gentle earth tones. Your guests will be dying to attend!

3. Choose accessories that will keep you warm.
It is winter after all, and unless you are in the south of the country (or somewhere tropical) it will be chilly outside. Be sure to have cute warming accessories like finger-less gloves, hats, and scarves. Opt for a longer wedding dress, maybe with long sleeves as well. If it is especially cold then be sure and wear thick leggings under the dress to keep your body temperature up so you’re not cold and uncomfortable. For the men, consider velvet blazers which look chic and will keep them warm as well.

4. Centerpieces.
With a centerpiece, you want to bring in a little bit of the outdoors. This style tends to go with any wedding theme. Winter white boughs (either aspen or painted white) sitting up in a broad vase, with crystals hanging from the boughs is a good starting point. Decorate the bottom with votive candles for warmth and energy. Frosted glass china would make a great compliment for guests to eat from. Winter flower bouquets should be big, fluffy blooms like white hydrangeas and ranunculus.

5. Glitter.
Winter can mean snow, pure and white and glinting in the light. Glittering, sparkling decorations mimic this most beautiful part of winter weather. If you want to echo the season (of course you do!) then pick decoration that glitters and sparkles in the light just like snowflakes. This can mean glitter makeup, too. Don’t be shy with the glitter!

6. Wedding Cake
The centerpiece of the wedding festivities, your wedding cake could be the most beautiful winter decoration! Big layers of snow-white cake covered with glittering snowflakes, birds, and holly berries. Wintry wedding topper could be the happy couple kissing
under a bough of mistletoe.

7. Winter Weather Nature
Winter doesn’t mean that all the plants wither, turn brown, and drop their leaves. In fact, there are many tree species that are adapted to be hardy in the cold. Evergreen and coniferous species are green year-round, and are a great natural accent to incorporate into your winter wedding theme. Think boughs of fir, pine, and holly.

8. Wintry Wedding Favors
No wedding is complete without favors for the guests to take home with them when they leave. Ideally, this is something that reminds them of the wedding itself. Perfect wintry favors would be warm plush blankets to cuddle up under, packets of premium mulled wine spices, or baked goods made with love. Artisanal candles and lotions in winter scents are a great option – think the smell of a winter forest, the comfort of a glass of wine by a fire, perfectly roasted apple pie…

9. Don’t Forget the Mistletoe!
Another natural element not to be forgotten is mistletoe. An interesting little plant that grows on trees, spread around by birds, and that has a perfect spot at a wedding as it symbolizes love and wintry romance. Have a big mistletoe cluster at the entrance, or have several small misteloes hanging around in mischievous places so your guests can kiss their partners when they least expect it! A fun thing to do is plan where to hang the mistletoe…

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