Pros and Cons of Plastic vs Glass E Bottles

There is much debate on whether plastic or glass is the best choice. As with all things, both come with positives in addition to negatives. Depending on your life-style, money situation, or beliefs, you may feel more inclined to pick one or the other. Here is some simple information on both possibilities to assist you in that decision.



The most obvious fact about glass is that it is breakable. Many places around the country have banned glass bottles from their facilities simply for that reason. If you are a gym member or yoga enthusiast, for example, glass bottles may not be an option for you. There are however, companies working on making glass bottles that are shatterproof. For more on that, check out this NY Times’ article.


The chemicals found in most plastic are not an issue with glass, making glass a more healthy option, if that is an apprehension of yours. It is healthier for the environment, also. So if you’re worried about your carbon footprint, glass may be a good route for you. You will cut down on the amount of recycling done each year due to the plastic industry.


Glass products also tend to be more expensive. Plastic is comparatively inexpensive to produce. If you’re talking about single-use plastic bottles, the re-usable glass bottle will save you in the long run, considering you will stop buying the single-use bottles so often. Glass will definitely be pricier than a re-usable plastic bottle, however. The price of the glass reflects its quality.


The biggest concern about plastic to consumers is its toxicity. Many plastics contain BPA, or bisphenol A, which studies have shown may be linked to problems with reproductive and brain development, especially in children. Newer studies have also shown that the alternative to BPA, BPS (bisphenol S), can also cause the same effects. Read this CNN article for more on the BPA alternative, BPS.


Plastic, on the other hand, is convenient and cheap. It is easiest to just buy bottled water and throw it out when you’re done. No dish-washing, no clean-up, easier ease-of-access. The fact that it isn’t breakable, like glass, adds to the convenience factor, especially when considering a product for children. Single-use plastic bottles are convenient, but wasteful, while re-usable plastic bottles are cost efficient and obviously less careless.


All in all, the decision depends on your needs. Glass is breakable and tends to be more expensive. On the other hand, it is more friendly to the environment, and non-toxic. Plastic leaves a bigger carbon foot print, and can be made with toxic chemicals. The plastic option is also cheaper, less heavy, and sturdier. Like with all decisions, you must weigh each pro and con and use your best judgment.

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