5 Pottery Pieces to include on a Wedding Registry

When you are planning your wedding, make sure to register for gifts to help your guests understand what you want for your home. Pottery items are some of the most classic items to request as gifts, and there are five pottery items that are extremely popular.

1: Flower Vase

When a couple has a high-quality pottery flower vase, it is possible to use the item for a lifetime. If a wedding guest gives you a timeless flower vase that is made of pottery clay, then the item will look gorgeous on a fireplace mantel or bookshelf when it doesn’t have flowers. However, you can put homegrown or purchased flowers inside a pottery vase to create an attractive ambience on a tabletop in a dining room or on an end table in a living room. If you give your spouse flowers for an anniversary gift, then you can put the items in the flower vase that you received as a wedding gift.

2: Cookie Jar

Everyone needs a cookie jar in their kitchen to hold homemade or store-bought cookies. A cookie jar made of fired clay looks gorgeous on a kitchen’s countertop, and you can request specific colors or designs on your wedding registry at a local department store or online site. Cookie jars have tight-fitting lids to keep cookies fresh and protected from insects. When you have children, they will enjoy getting cookies from the cookie jar that was a gift for your wedding.

3: Cold Drink Pitcher

If you want to serve cold beverages at meals, then you need a pitcher that is made of pottery clay. With a beautiful clay pitcher, you can serve cold beverages such as lemonade or ice tea. Pottery pieces are glazed and fired to make the items waterproof, and you can keep a clay pitcher inside a refrigerator until it is time to serve guests.

4: Dishware

You will need dishware to hold food for the meals in your home, and you can ask your guests to buy a certain design or color of pottery dishware. Some of the dishware pieces that you want to request include plates, bowls and cups. In addition, you might want to have accessory pieces of pottery dishware such as a serving platter or a soup tureen.

5: Fruit Bowl

To display fresh fruit on a kitchen countertop or dining room table, you should ask your wedding guests to give you a pottery fruit bowl. It is easy to transfer a pottery fruit bowl from a table to a refrigerator to keep the fruit cold and fresh. However, displaying fresh fruit on a countertop is an important way to encourage eating nutritious food rather than candy.

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