3 Alternatives for Adult Diapers for Male Medical Issues

Incontinence has been linked to more than a few illnesses. In fact, a large number of cases result from post-prostatectomy, which might explain why dysfunctional bladders inflict so many older men. According to an article published by Bloomberg, adult diapers are expected to increase by nearly 50-percent within the next 4 years. Fortunately, the prospect of alternative means of protection has become a source relief for some men.

Urinary Catheter
A Urinary catheter is a tube that extends through the urinary tract, gathering waste into a disposable bag. For years, it has been a common procedure for men having little to no control over urine flow. These bladder issues can be caused by a number of complications, including kidney stones, blood clots, and even dementia. Also, if the bladder remains full for too long, it can put pressure on the kidneys, resulting in irreversible damage. In addition to those installed inside the body, catheters can also connect externally, using a condom that runs to a collection bag. The latter is often used in cases requiring short term solutions.

Urine Guard
For men experiencing slow leaks, a urine guard is a low-maintenance alternative. Unlike surgical procedures, bags, and uncomfortable diapers, its application and removal is a much simpler, non-intrusive process. The pouch resembles a small shower cap and easily fits over the penis. Urine is slowly absorbed into the device until it has reached its 2-ounce capacity, after which it can be quickly disposed of. Any man would be happy to learn that urine guards feels less like a medical aid and much less embarrassing than a diaper, a fact that can be beneficial in helping guys maintain at least some of their dignity.

Protective Underwear
One of the problems with wearing an adult diaper is having to call it an adult diaper, and reminding someone with bladder leakage that 1 out of every 3 adults experience incontinence doesn’t make things any easier. However, opting for protective briefs could make coping slightly more bearable. This specialized underwear is similar to adult diapers, offering the same protection, but it provides more comfort, replacing tape-on straps with a more natural feeling elastic band. Aside from the extra padding, protective underwear feels more like a pair of Hanes and less like a medically prescribed support system.

Patrick O’Brien wrote a 2015 Huffington Post article, in which he discussed the disparaging mental burden that almost always accompanies an uncontrollable bladder. Fear of humiliation can be overwhelming for a man suffering from incontinence. And although it may not be a cure, finding a solution that can restore confidence and ease the transition back into a normal lifestyle is a step forward.

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