3 Wedding Décor Trends Taking Over 2016

Deciding on the visual theme for a wedding can be overwhelming. The possibilities seem endless: baby’s breath? Metallics? Ceramic crockery? We’ve narrowed down the list to a few particularly on-point possibilities for a wedding look that’s fresh, chic and unforgettable.

1. Succulents
Ever had to maneuver a conversation with your table-mates around a huge, view-obstructing forty-rose centerpiece? Thank goodness the days of over-the-top floral arrangements are behind us. Cool, modern brides are swapping them out for centerpieces built around earthy succulents. Succulents occupy more horizontal than vertical space on tables, providing texture without blocking sight lines, and they offer a pleasantly neutral palette. They’re also super low-maintenance, which means they won’t require much care throughout the day or start drooping halfway through the reception. Succulents aren’t just for centerpieces either: they’ve popped up in bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, hairpieces, and even cake toppers.

2. Wood Accents
Reclaimed wood is having a moment, which might be why woodsy wedding décor has become a go-to motif for stylish brides this year. Wood-and-paint signage can direct guests to the bar or keep them appraised of the day’s schedule. Repurposed old wooden ladders make great cupcake stands. Stacked wooden stumps topped with candles can add drama and a touch of forest magic to the ceremony space as an alternative to the traditional archway. Brides who like the idea of wood accents but want to keep the aesthetic from skewing too shabby can still tap into the trend with laser-cut lumber, which has a cleaner look and works well for table numbers and doily charger plates.

3. Geodes
It all started with a cake. When the geode cake that Rachel Teufel of Intricate Icing Cake Design created for a launch party went viral earlier this year, brides-to-be across the country took note. Now geode accents are turning up in wedding décor in all kinds of creative ways. Richly hued, polished to a high gloss, or dusted in sparkly crystals, geodes are already beautiful in their natural state and need little embellishment. Agate slices with gilded edges make lovely coasters or can be used as an alternative to place cards; writing guests’ names on the surface can be as simple as investing in a gold permanent marker. With a little more effort, they can be strung through with fishing line and hung as garlands (it’s the 2016 take on bunting). Bigger, heavier geodes work wonderfully as architectural anchor pieces for a table arrangement. The geode motif is so striking and unusual that it’s sure to make for a memorable wedding look.

These snap-worthy décor ideas can keep nuptials from disappearing into the white wedding noise. Which is your favorite?

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