How to Lower Your Company’s Mailing Costs: Tips and Tricks

One of the challenges that new business owners experience is budgeting for mailing expenses, which include costs of sending and receiving mail. When starting a business, there are several considerations that business owners should make. One of the most important is finding ways of cutting operating costs of various sections of the business. Mailing costs take up around 25% of the total operating costs and this is why entrepreneurs should find ways of lowering mailing expenses. Here are tips and tricks which business owners can use to gain control of their mailing costs.

1. Get acquainted with your mailing representative.
Most mailing companies have representatives throughout the country, even in rural and remote places. Some of the roles of the representatives are to deal with questions from customers, negotiate rates, and make the entire mailing process as smooth as possible. Remember that the mailing company representative is a sales person whose aim is to get you to mail as much as you can. The more you mail the better for them.

2. Leverage flat rate mailing.
Many mailing service providers provide mailing packages at a flat rate. This helps clients make significant savings, regulates the entire mailing process, and reduces the inconsistency related to mailing costs. The companies set these rates by distances or zones which the parcel is transported to. Talk to your representative in case you find need information for various mailing zones. They will help you compare and understand the charges involved before you settle for a mailing package.

3. Negotiate shipping rates.
Many companies offer incentives such as discounts and cheaper mailing packages to their active or long-term clients. All you need to do is ask your mailing company if they have these incentives. Apart from offering incentives, they will also help you complete the entire mailing process and reduce costs of switching from one mailing package to another. It is advisable to compare prices and know what other companies are offering, even if you do not want to switch.

Technologies, rates, and benefits change and if you maintain a good relationship with your mailing company’s representative then you can easily renegotiate new benefits to your deal. Many mailing companies also offer discounts based on volume. Therefore, make sure you communicate changes in your mailing volume to receive better offers.

4. Use their equipment.
Some carriers offer mailing equipment and software to their clients including scales, computers, and printers. Some of the equipment may be offered on lease or as part of their clients’ mailing packages. Using this equipment helps startups because it offers them opportunities to acquire mailing equipment at affordable costs.

5. Seek out mailing refunds.
On time mailing guarantees offered by some carriers is another way of saving extra cash. Consider asking for a refund when your mailing does not arrive on time as guaranteed by the mailing company.

Business expenses can make significant inroads on savings and business profits. Business owners can lower their companies’ expenses by saving on mailing costs.

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