3 Alternatives for Adult Diapers for Male Medical Issues

Incontinence has been linked to more than a few illnesses. In fact, a large number of cases result from post-prostatectomy, which might explain why dysfunctional bladders inflict so many older men. According to an article published by Bloomberg, adult diapers are expected to increase by nearly 50-percent within the next 4 years. Fortunately, the prospect of alternative means of protection has become a source relief for some men.

Urinary Catheter
A Urinary catheter is a tube that extends through the urinary tract, gathering waste into a disposable bag. For years, it has been a common procedure for men having little to no control over urine flow. These bladder issues can be caused by a number of complications, including kidney stones, blood clots, and even dementia. Also, if the bladder remains full for too long, it can put pressure on the kidneys, resulting in irreversible damage. In addition to those installed inside the body, catheters can also connect externally, using a condom that runs to a collection bag. The latter is often used in cases requiring short term solutions.

Urine Guard
For men experiencing slow leaks, a urine guard is a low-maintenance alternative. Unlike surgical procedures, bags, and uncomfortable diapers, its application and removal is a much simpler, non-intrusive process. The pouch resembles a small shower cap and easily fits over the penis. Urine is slowly absorbed into the device until it has reached its 2-ounce capacity, after which it can be quickly disposed of. Any man would be happy to learn that urine guards feels less like a medical aid and much less embarrassing than a diaper, a fact that can be beneficial in helping guys maintain at least some of their dignity.

Protective Underwear
One of the problems with wearing an adult diaper is having to call it an adult diaper, and reminding someone with bladder leakage that 1 out of every 3 adults experience incontinence doesn’t make things any easier. However, opting for protective briefs could make coping slightly more bearable. This specialized underwear is similar to adult diapers, offering the same protection, but it provides more comfort, replacing tape-on straps with a more natural feeling elastic band. Aside from the extra padding, protective underwear feels more like a pair of Hanes and less like a medically prescribed support system.

Patrick O’Brien wrote a 2015 Huffington Post article, in which he discussed the disparaging mental burden that almost always accompanies an uncontrollable bladder. Fear of humiliation can be overwhelming for a man suffering from incontinence. And although it may not be a cure, finding a solution that can restore confidence and ease the transition back into a normal lifestyle is a step forward.

3 Wedding Décor Trends Taking Over 2016

Deciding on the visual theme for a wedding can be overwhelming. The possibilities seem endless: baby’s breath? Metallics? Ceramic crockery? We’ve narrowed down the list to a few particularly on-point possibilities for a wedding look that’s fresh, chic and unforgettable.

1. Succulents
Ever had to maneuver a conversation with your table-mates around a huge, view-obstructing forty-rose centerpiece? Thank goodness the days of over-the-top floral arrangements are behind us. Cool, modern brides are swapping them out for centerpieces built around earthy succulents. Succulents occupy more horizontal than vertical space on tables, providing texture without blocking sight lines, and they offer a pleasantly neutral palette. They’re also super low-maintenance, which means they won’t require much care throughout the day or start drooping halfway through the reception. Succulents aren’t just for centerpieces either: they’ve popped up in bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, hairpieces, and even cake toppers.

2. Wood Accents
Reclaimed wood is having a moment, which might be why woodsy wedding décor has become a go-to motif for stylish brides this year. Wood-and-paint signage can direct guests to the bar or keep them appraised of the day’s schedule. Repurposed old wooden ladders make great cupcake stands. Stacked wooden stumps topped with candles can add drama and a touch of forest magic to the ceremony space as an alternative to the traditional archway. Brides who like the idea of wood accents but want to keep the aesthetic from skewing too shabby can still tap into the trend with laser-cut lumber, which has a cleaner look and works well for table numbers and doily charger plates.

3. Geodes
It all started with a cake. When the geode cake that Rachel Teufel of Intricate Icing Cake Design created for a launch party went viral earlier this year, brides-to-be across the country took note. Now geode accents are turning up in wedding décor in all kinds of creative ways. Richly hued, polished to a high gloss, or dusted in sparkly crystals, geodes are already beautiful in their natural state and need little embellishment. Agate slices with gilded edges make lovely coasters or can be used as an alternative to place cards; writing guests’ names on the surface can be as simple as investing in a gold permanent marker. With a little more effort, they can be strung through with fishing line and hung as garlands (it’s the 2016 take on bunting). Bigger, heavier geodes work wonderfully as architectural anchor pieces for a table arrangement. The geode motif is so striking and unusual that it’s sure to make for a memorable wedding look.

These snap-worthy décor ideas can keep nuptials from disappearing into the white wedding noise. Which is your favorite?

How to Help Your Child Succeed in Math and Science

An in-depth understanding of math and science equips young students with a host of skills that are needed to successfully engage a bevy of practical and academic pursuits. These include research, handling personal finances, critical thinking, successful entry into various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, and much more. With a rigorous training background in mathematics and the sciences, the future possibilities are nearly endless. What can parents do to help their children succeed in these key subject areas?

Engage a Child’s Teachers

An active relationship with teachers is essential. Whether your child is young or old, feel free to reach out to his or her teacher and ask them about their science and math curricula. What portion of class time is devoted to the subjects? What adjunct educational tools are used? Do they get the chance to learn through laboratory instruction in addition to standard didactic teaching? What are their recommendations for further enhancing a child’s foundation in the subjects? Parents can couple the student’s homework with external resources, such as the incredibly rich website Khan Academy. Students can visit the site to practice problems and watch videos on hundreds of related topics.

Bring the Content to Life

Don’t leave science and mathematics in the pages of textbooks and practice problems. Children can be engaged much more deeply if they see the knowledge play out in front of them, through activities, labs, and experiments. For smaller children, learning about geometry through shapes and basic computation via money management makes things clearer. As they enter the high school years, encourage them to become involved with research, engineering clubs, and so on. An early emphasis on participation in science fairs and math competitions can eventually lead to future success through participation in the Math Olympiads and the Siemens Competition. In particular, the Siemens Competition is a prestigious opportunity that provides winners with thousands of dollars in prize money, an excellent item to list on their resumes when applying to college, and abundant networking opportunities.

Push for Excellence

Basic science and math classes may be a helpful start, but true excellence demands further study. For instance, parents can push their children to sign up for AP (Advanced Placement) classes when they reach the high school level. AP classes are designed to give students a college-level experience while they are still in high school. Moreover, a successful performance on the national exams administered at the end of the courses (AP exams) can push a child ahead when they enter college. Many universities offer credit for a score of four or five (out of five) on the exams. Students can then skip introductory requirements and start their freshman year of college one step ahead and move on to more advanced courses.

5 Outdoor Accessories that Will Wow Your Guests

If you want to impress the guests who visit your home, then invest in outdoor accessories such as a gazebo, water fountain or fire pit to improve the appearance of your lawns.

1: Fire Pit

The guests visiting your home will feel amazed when they see a fire pit in your backyard where everyone can cook food over an open flame. With a fire pit, you can enjoy a backyard earlier in the spring and later in the summer. It is possible to use propane, wood or natural gas to power your backyard’s fire pit.

2: Bug Zapper

If your guests are worried about mosquito bites, then install a bug zapper in your backyard near a deck. Insects are attracted to the lights inside a bug zapper, but the mosquitoes and other flying bugs are electrocuted by the wires inside the device. Having a bug zapper helps to make your outdoor space more enjoyable in the evening hours when many insects begin to fly around.

3: Water Fountain

You can have a landscaper install a water fountain on a lawn to impress your guests. Decorative water fountains look great alone or in combination with other landscaping items. You might want to have a water fountain in the middle of a flower garden to provide a beautiful place to relax each day. Place benches or chairs around a fountain so that your guests can enjoy the beautiful ambience of this item in your backyard.

4: Outdoor Kitchen

The newest way to enjoy your backyard is with an outdoor kitchen that has a variety of equipment, including:

• Grills
• Refrigerators
• Sinks
• Freezers
• Countertops
• Stovetops
• Microwaves
• Tables
• Chairs
• Lighting fixtures

With a customized outdoor kitchen, you can prepare and serve meals to your guests easily any day of the week. You won’t need to haul equipment to the backyard to cook hamburgers or scurry back inside your home for additional ingredients because you can store everything outside.

5: Gazebo

There are great reasons for building a gazebo in your backyard. When guests visit your home, they will enjoy sitting outside, but they won’t like being in direct sunlight. If you have a gazebo on your lawn, then you can place tables and chairs inside it in order to have a picnic. You might want to have built-in benches around the edges of a gazebo for additional seating, and if you install a light in the ceiling of a gazebo, then you can remain inside the structure in the early morning or evening.

Install Outdoor Accessories Over Several Years

You don’t need to add all of these outdoor accessories at one time because landscapers can install these items over several years.

4 Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

If you have hit a weight loss plateau, it may be difficult to understand why all of your weight loss efforts have all of a sudden stopped working. However, it is important to know that, according to the Mayo Clinic, weight loss plateaus are normal. It doesn’t matter how meticulous you are with your regimen of good health, eventually, you will hit a plateau. Here are four ways to move past the plateau and continue on with your weight loss journey.

1) Write Everything Down

Record every bite you take, whether you are eating, sampling, or tasting. Underestimating the amount of food you are consuming is a common mistake with people who are trying to lose weight. It can easily lead to a weight loss plateau. Keeping a diary of everything you eat can help you see where your problem lies. It may also keep you from reaching for that next cookie, because you know you will have to record it.

When keeping a food diary, write down the time of day and your feelings to figure out your problem times and certain emotions that may cause you to overeat. Recognize what your eating triggers are and replace them with healthier foods to keep your full. Monitor your progress, and reward yourself for your hard work, but not with food.

2) Be Careful at Restaurants

According to the New York Times, some restaurant meals have enough calories to fulfill three meals’ worth of food. Restaurant portions can sway even the strictest dieter. It is important to remember to practice portion control, even if you are dining out.

Try ordering a dinner salad or an appetizer as an entree. You do not need to order an entree that comes with a salad and then get a dessert to fill yourself up. Pay attention to how you feel and stop when you are full.

3) Load Up on Fruits and Vegetables

Eat a lot of low calorie fruits and vegetables rather than other foods that are high in fat and calories. Put your vegetables in the center of the plate so they fill most of the plate up. Alternatively, start every meal with a salad to fill you up a bit before moving on to your main course.

The U.S. government’s dietary guidelines suggest we consume 7-13 cups of fruits and vegetables each day. Make sure your kitchen is full of plenty of fresh produce and eat a little at each meal. This will boost your intake of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Also, if you fill up on nutrient-dense produce, you’ll be less likely to eat foods that are highly processed.

4) Practice Yoga

While people often turn to food for stress relief, a healthier option is to turn to yoga. Yoga not only lowers your levels of stress hormones, but it also increases insulin sensitivity. This helps the body to know to burn food rather than store it as fat.

4 Ways to Save Money When Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

Many homeowners dread checking their energy bills every month. Fortunately, there is a plethora of ways that you can take advantage of to save your monthly energy bills, one of the simplest ways being using a portable air conditioner. Whether you need just one portable air conditioner to cool your bedroom or several to cool an upper floor, you need to begin saving money right from the beginning—when buying your unit! In connection to this, here are 4 simple ways to save money when buying your portable air conditioner.

Go for the right Unit

Although you may be tempted to purchase a portable AC that uses minimal energy and only takes little space, such a model may not work efficiently for large living or family rooms. Before buying your unit, therefore, check its label to establish the size of area (in square feet) that the it can cool efficiently. You shouldn’t choose a large unit in a compact room, either, because such a unit will overwork to cool your room and in turn make it clammy.

Buy units that serve multiple purposes

While you may only require a portable AC to cool your room or home, you will save a lot of money by purchasing a unit that can do much more. There are air conditioners that you can use as a heater during cold months, a fan when you simply want added ventilation and a dehumidifier when it is rainy. In fact, if you live in an area with a variety of seasons, you will save a lot of cash by investing in a portable AC that can accommodate the changes in weather.

Energy Consumption

When making a purchase, endeavor to always find out where your unit is located in terms of its energy class and performance—it can add a lot to your monthly bill! Go for least energy-consuming portable ACs. Remember that the better the efficiency of your portable AC, the less the amount it will cost you to run. As a guide, units with high energy-efficiency ratio numbers (reached at by dividing their cooling output by electric energy input) are considered to be more cost effective.

Know when to purchase

Like any other product, knowing the right time to purchase your portable AC can save you a lot of money. When it comes to portable ACs, the best time to make purchases at a deep discount is obviously the winter. Demand for ACs is at its lowest during cooler months, so retailers find themselves overstocked with low demand. To encourage consumers to buy, various appliances stores routinely offer huge discounts to lure shoppers into stocking up in the off season.

A portable AC can be a great investment that can go a long way in easing the trouble of seasonal heat and subsequent high energy bills. Follow the above highlighted tips to ensure that you get the most bang for your hard earned cash and experience everything your AC has to offer.

4 Reasons to Hire a Debt Management Specialist

Visiting a debt management specialist is one of the most common practices for people who have problems with overwhelming debt. If you a suffering and sinking into the abyss of the low credit score, then you will want to considering calling a debt management company. Four of the top reasons to hire a debt management specialist are:

It Births Revelations

A debt management specialist sometimes acts as a counselor. Counselors have talent in analyzing things. Such people may be able to see some debt management errors that you are making and give you advice on them from an objective angle. The person can also provide you with tips for managing the debt that you have now as well as avoiding falling into the same trap once you do resolve your debt-related issues. A good counselor is someone you want to have in your corner because that person can help you find the path to financial freedom.

It Relives Stress

Another reason to hire a debt management company is because it relieves stress. A debt management company can set you up with a debt management plan. A DMP is a plan that allows you to breathe and not carry the burden of what to do every month. Your account manager or counselor will take a payment from you every month and then distribute the funds from that payment to your creditors. The counselor can also contact your lenders and negotiate with them, as well so that you do not have to do it. You will be able to focus on your family, job and other obligations that you have with the help of a good debt management specialist.

It Organizes the Finances

Finally, a debt management specialist can organize your financial profile. You will feel so much joy knowing that you only have to pay one entity, and all of your spread about entities will resolve. Sometimes most of the sense of helplessness develops from the financial profile’s disorganized state. You will have much more mental energy when some of the financial clutter gets out of your way.

It Creates a Long-Lasting Relationship

You can go to the same helpers in the future if you need advise for your finances if you find the services of these persons to be pleasing. You will not have to search.

Finding a Reliable Company

To find a reliable company, you will have to review five areas. You will have to look at consumer reviews, BBB ratings and listed information on the provider’s website. The website is a great way to find out which services the company provides and if they consist of the type of services that you need for your establishment. If you feel as though you have found the right establishment, then you need to call and schedule an appointment for your first consultation. Someone will schedule a date that you can come in and speak to someone.

How to Choose the Perfect Commercial Door Hardware

If you run a business and are in need of commercial door hardware, now is the time to seek out the perfect product. You can use the strategies outlined below to ensure that you find the right product:

1. Decide What You Want.

Commercial doors come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. As such, it’s important for you to gain a basic understanding of what you want before you get the shopping process underway. For example, there is a vast array of distinct wood types that you may want to choose from. Some of them include:

• poplar
• red oak
• hickory
• walnut
• birch
• cherry

2. Research The Retailer.

Learning more about the company that sells commercial door hardware is a wonderful way to determine whether doing business with a retailer would be a good idea. As such, you should take time to research the retailer so you can determine which companies are operating ethically and in excellence.

There are several ways that you can determine whether a retailer has a good reputation. One way is by reading the retailer’s online reviews. As noted in Forbes, more and more people read and trust online reviews. In many cases, reading a wide range of these reviews can provide you with a clear understanding of whether a retailer offers great products at reasonable prices.

3. Look For A Money Back Guarantee Or Warranty.

Another strategy you can implement to ensure that you select the perfect commercial door hardware is determining whether the retailer offers a satisfaction guarantee. As noted in Wikipedia, the money back guarantee is a guarantee that if the consumer is not thoroughly satisfied with a service or product, she or he can attain a refund. In general, retailers offer these money back guarantees because they are fully confident in the quality of their product.

In addition to seeking out a retailer that offers a money back guarantee on the commercial door hardware product, try to find a company that will provide you with a warranty. Even when you purchase your product from a reputable dealer, there’s a good chance that it will malfunction at some point. As such, it’s a good idea to obtain a warranty which will enable you to attain repair or maintenance services in the event that something malfunctions with the product.

4. Request A Complimentary Consultation.

One final strategy you can employ to help you locate the right commercial door hardware product is requesting a complimentary consultation. This strategy will enable you to meet with a company representative, ask questions, and determine whether you like the company’s culture. You can also request information regarding pricing, discount options, and other important data that could help you save money or optimize your shopping experience.

Don’t Delay: Find The Perfect Commercial Door Hardware Today!

If it’s time for you to invest in a commercial door hardware product, now is the time to start shopping. To ensure that you find the absolutely amazing product you deserve, use some or all of the strategies outlined for you above!

How to Lower Your Company’s Mailing Costs: Tips and Tricks

One of the challenges that new business owners experience is budgeting for mailing expenses, which include costs of sending and receiving mail. When starting a business, there are several considerations that business owners should make. One of the most important is finding ways of cutting operating costs of various sections of the business. Mailing costs take up around 25% of the total operating costs and this is why entrepreneurs should find ways of lowering mailing expenses. Here are tips and tricks which business owners can use to gain control of their mailing costs.

1. Get acquainted with your mailing representative.
Most mailing companies have representatives throughout the country, even in rural and remote places. Some of the roles of the representatives are to deal with questions from customers, negotiate rates, and make the entire mailing process as smooth as possible. Remember that the mailing company representative is a sales person whose aim is to get you to mail as much as you can. The more you mail the better for them.

2. Leverage flat rate mailing.
Many mailing service providers provide mailing packages at a flat rate. This helps clients make significant savings, regulates the entire mailing process, and reduces the inconsistency related to mailing costs. The companies set these rates by distances or zones which the parcel is transported to. Talk to your representative in case you find need information for various mailing zones. They will help you compare and understand the charges involved before you settle for a mailing package.

3. Negotiate shipping rates.
Many companies offer incentives such as discounts and cheaper mailing packages to their active or long-term clients. All you need to do is ask your mailing company if they have these incentives. Apart from offering incentives, they will also help you complete the entire mailing process and reduce costs of switching from one mailing package to another. It is advisable to compare prices and know what other companies are offering, even if you do not want to switch.

Technologies, rates, and benefits change and if you maintain a good relationship with your mailing company’s representative then you can easily renegotiate new benefits to your deal. Many mailing companies also offer discounts based on volume. Therefore, make sure you communicate changes in your mailing volume to receive better offers.

4. Use their equipment.
Some carriers offer mailing equipment and software to their clients including scales, computers, and printers. Some of the equipment may be offered on lease or as part of their clients’ mailing packages. Using this equipment helps startups because it offers them opportunities to acquire mailing equipment at affordable costs.

5. Seek out mailing refunds.
On time mailing guarantees offered by some carriers is another way of saving extra cash. Consider asking for a refund when your mailing does not arrive on time as guaranteed by the mailing company.

Business expenses can make significant inroads on savings and business profits. Business owners can lower their companies’ expenses by saving on mailing costs.

How to Move Large Appliances Efficiently

The task of moving all of the large appliances in your home can be one of the most physically and mentally challenging aspects of the entire moving process. Every year, 1 in 6 Americans move; unfortunately, not all of them know how to move large appliances properly. In order to make sure that you can move all of the large appliances without any injuries or damage to the home, certain precautions are highly important to undertake. By keeping the following tips in mind, you can ensure that large appliance moving doesn’t have to be any more of a trial than necessary.

Consider the nature of the large appliance itself

When planning to move large objects in the house, the first things to come to mind will generally be things like drawers and beds. It’s important to recognize that large pieces of furniture are fundamentally different from large appliances, and as such, special precautions need to be taken in order to undergo the move safely. A refrigerator needs to be disconnected from its power supply for at least 24 hours before the move.

In addition to the very nature of the large appliance itself, you should also make a point to think about the condition of the object itself. Generally speaking, new appliances (or those that have been purchased relatively recently) will be a better idea to move than the appliances that are outdated and may not be worth the cost of relocation.

Have dollies and gliders on hand

No matter what kind of large appliances you may have, there are certain things that are essential to have on hand. In all scenarios, an appliance dolly will generally be necessary. The wheeled dolly to remove a great amount of the risk involved in picking up the large appliance and leaving it at the mercy of gravity.

In addition to appliance dollies, you’ll also want to have sliding gliders that can help make it easier to move large appliances across hard wood floors. Gliders can be used to easily transfer the appliance inside to the dolly outside.

Make absolutely sure that all cords and detachable parts are disconnected

Washers, dryers and dishwashers should all be completely disconnected and drained. The power cords of stoves should be taped to the back, and all detachable parts should be removed and packed separately.

When it comes to properly moving large appliances, physically moving the appliances themselves should generally be the very last step of the process. Far too many people make the mistake of simply trying to strong-arm the appliance out of the room without taking the necessary preliminary steps, which introduces all kinds of potential hazards. Make sure to never move any appliances before taking the above pointers into consideration, and if all else fails, don’t hesitate to invest in the help of a professional moving team to make the process swift and painless.